Pet Guardians of Fleet

Dog walking and home visit services covering Fleet, in North Hampshire and the surrounding area


I provide a professional and reliable dog walking and home care services.

Dog Walking

group walk

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation. It energises their body, mind and spirit. Some behavioural problems can be the result of bored dogs and I would like to help you ensure this is not the case with your dog. Are you out all day at work? Perhaps you just need extra help with your dog? I can offer your dog something they can look forward to every day.

Your dog will collected from your home, place of work or wherever you choose. I will transport them safely in our unmarked vehicle to walk in some of the beautiful nearby woodlands, ponds and canals. Once there they will be able to play and socialise with other dogs and you can be assured that your dog is having lots of fun! Your dog will be secure and safe at all times. I will allow them to socialise with other dogs because I believe this is great for their development and encourages good behaviour and stimulation.

Our walking ratio will not exceed four dogs to a walker. I will always try to ensure the group of dogs being walked is planned around their temperament and tolerance of other dogs. However, if you prefer, I am able to walk your dog on a one to one basis. I will always make sure that your dog will walk in a relaxed happy environment.

For the dogs I walk on a regular basis I will vary their walks to keep things as interesting and stimulating for them as possible. I do also appreciate that you want your best friend to have lots of fun which might involve playing in mud and puddles. If this occurs I will endeavour to wipe down and towel dry your dog so that they do not shake off the mud and water in your home.

Home Care

dog at home

Need someone to check in on your dog? Or maybe administer some medication? No problem! I can visit your pet at home.

Whether you are at work all day, or away for a night, a few days or a few weeks, I can visit your pet(s) at home, ensuring they receive the same high degree of attention as if you were there.

The Pet Guardians Home Care visit service can include:

  • Feeding (according to you instructions)
  • Providing fresh water
  • Daily cleaning of bowls and/or feeding area
  • Changing litter and/or cage of small pets (e.g. rodents)
  • Stocking up and cleaning outdoor bird tables
  • Letting out into the garden (if appropriate) and cleaning up afterwards
  • Pampering and playtime
As part of the Pet Guardians Home Care service, I also include a complimentary service of light domestic security help (often referred to as the "cats and curtains" service) so that your house does not appear unoccupied. I can also water your plants during a hot day.


Prices cover Fleet & Church Crookham, Hampshire.

Group walk

£12 / hour

  • 50% discount for second dog in household
  • Minimum 45 minutes walking/play
  • Wipe down included as necessary

Solo walk

£20 / hour

  • One to one walk
  • Minimum 45 minutes walking/play
  • Wipe down included as necessary

Home care

£10 / 15 mins

  • Includes up to two pets

About Pet Guardians of Fleet

Hello, I am Vicky Whitby, co-founder and owner of Pet Guardians of Fleet.

I set up the business in 2015 with my friend Alison Nicoll out of a shared love of animals. Alison left the business in 2016 just before emigrating to New Zealand.

The happiness and wellbeing of an animal is my focus when doing a job and I promise to always give the best care possible to your pet.

During my childhood and young adult years my family and I owned a German Shepherd cross, a pure breed German Shepherd and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. I also enjoyed caring for my family's rabbits, chicken and cat.

Once married my husband and I adopted two Collies named Bess and Dale. Sadly Bess died a few years ago, aged 16, and Dale died in July 2020, aged 15.

Over the years I have cared for Guinea Pigs, budgies, Cockatoos, frogspawn and Pygmy Hedgehogs.

I have attended dog training classes including animal obedience and canine first aid.

I hope that I am able to help you in the care of your pet and look forward to meeting you and your animals.

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